It's time to decide what you will accomplish in 2012.

First look back at 2011 and assess your year. What worked? What challenges did you bump into? Invest time in learning from your challenges and celebrating your success. Then as you create your 2012 action plan, see your goals already being completed.

Visualize yourself after the goal has been reached. Feel the powerful experience of success. Ask yourself empowering questions, "What would a thriving business owner do today to reach her goal?"

BE the person you intend to become NOW. Make a plan and get into action from there.

Define your yearly goal. Break into 4 chunks. Assign each quarter of the year one chunk.

Break the quarterly portion into thirds. Assign each third to a month within the quarter. Write the monthly goal on your day planner or planning calendar.

Now, break your monthly goal into quarters. Once a week decide what portion of your monthly goal you will complete the following week. I like to do the weekly planning on Sunday afternoon or evening. This sets up my week for success.

Each day commit to 3-5 actions that will get results for your weekly goal. Inform an accountability partner of your intention for the day. Report to them what you did or did not complete the previous day.

Putting It Together

1. What is your Yearly Goal? Write it down.

Big Goal______________________________

2. What are your Quarterly Goals: (¼ portion of yearly goal) Write them down.





3. At the beginning of each quarter choose your Monthly Goals: (1/3 portion of quarterly goal) Write them down.




4. Each month list your Weekly Goals: (1/4 portion of monthly goal)





5. Each day list your Daily Action Steps for the NEXT day.

6. Ask yourself, "Who am I being this year in order to reach these goals"?

7. Awesome! Now get out your calendar, schedule time to take action and get started. You must take action on a new goal immediately to get the best results!

Repeat this process for each of your yearly goals. Success requires consistency and commitment, so decide to take action ALL year!