Make Money Doing What You Love - Patti Keating

You can make money doing what you love when you understand your true value in the market. The ultimate goal of having a business is to help people and make money. The process of identifying your unique value in the market is what I’m covering today. One of the most frequent problems is trying to sell to everyone. I know your service can help anyone, but when you speak to everyone, no one can hear you.

Your market value is directly linked to your core values. People make purchases based on emotion. If you are trying to sell something that isn’t in alignment with your own value system, people can feel it. So, before you zip out the door or hop online to start making offers, let’s get you clear about the REAL value you bring to people. It’s what I call “your Money Spot” the intersection where your purpose and passion solve a problem in the market and become revenue streams.

You Money Spot is the very foundation of your business and it’s that fastest way to make money doing what you love. I created this ebook to help you understand what your value is. Click the link below to download it. 

Your job as a coach, trainer, consultant is to provide the every best of your expertise to your clients. Ask yourself the questions in the “Find Your Money Spot” ebook. After you ask the questions, and get your top 5 value opportunities, turn them into a statement  that describes your work. I guide you through the process in this ebook. Discover your Money Spot and identify your specific market value here.