Money, Message, and Magic. That's what my clients say about my programs. But its not true. It's not magic.

It's marketing.

From. Your. Purpose.

So, it feeeels like magic. Because suddenly everything is well… ummmm magical!

And easy. Here's the scoop:

1. Understand EXACTLY who you are at the deepest level, and what your unique message is.
This will help you stand out from the crowd and make more money. You will find it easy to corner that specific market that is especially yours. You will stop trying to follow models that self-proclaimed gurus use and finally realize the greatest gift you have is unique to you… and THAT is what brings you the income you really want.

2. Design compelling programs that are rich in benefits and provide solutions for your special market. These solutions are your natural talent. You simply turn your hobbies and passions into profit centers. Then you exponentially increase the lifetime value of your customers by leveraging your knowledge and talent. When you solve problems for people, they are more than happy to pay you well for those solutions. (Mental note: You can't get to step 2 until you have thouroughly completed step one.)

3. Find Your special market and get in front of them, sharing your unique message. This is where strategy is King (or Queen, depending…) You must find and associate with your special group. It's fun! They are YOUR market. They are like you in some way, and you are like them. Research what they need and then give it to them. Get involved. Be their expert. Their solution. 

4. Create a Profit Plan. You must have a strategy, a timeline, offers and a structure for your business. This is the container that holds your business and allows it to grow.   Sounds easy enough. Yet, I often see people fall short here. They try to grow too quickly, or don't clearly see where the fastest path to cash lies. So, they throw spaghetti at the wall (metaphoric pasta) and hope for some cash to roll in. They overwork and under plan. They become a slave to their business. It's not pretty. You are in business because you love freedom. Freedom does not include slavery. Get. A. Plan.

Business success is a glorious mix of passion, purpose, and process. All three ingredients must be present in order for the recipe to turn out like a beautiful souffle. If your masterpiece is collapsing you simply must adjust the recipes and spruce up your ingredients. Then whoola…. magic.