A Mission Statement serves as an important business tool. It is your decision making compass.

It helps you make great decisions, based on your core values, unique world vision and specific goals. A great mission statement will inspire you and become a catalyst for action.

A mission statement should express who you are as a business owner, what you do for others, what you stand for in the world and why you are in business.

The very best mission statements are short. Just one or two sentences.

Your mission statement describes something you want to change and that you actively seek to fulfill.

It is important that you passionately believe in your mission statement, and you are committed to it no matter what.

Your mission explains why you are in business and what it will do to grow it.

A mission statement is your "I intend to" statement.

Your mission lives inside you…at the core of your values.

As long as your business grows, it will always be serving your mission.

Invest time writing your mission statement and you will have meaning and language to pump the life blood of your success to your business.

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