Why do people say yes, to working with you?

The answer may surprise you…

It’s not your certification, degree or your title.

It’s not even your logo or tag line.

Download Your Money Spot Blueprint - Patti Keating

People say yes, because they believe you can solve a problem for them.

Their problem is one of these four things:

  • “I want more money”
  • “I want better relationships”
  • “I want to feel better”
  • “I want more time off”

Yup. That’s it. And it keeps them up at night. Longing for a solution.

If your prospect believes you can help solve their problem, they WILL hire you. And they believe you can help when you resonate with them… and the solution for their problem.

You resonate by finding YOUR Money Spot!

Watch this video to find yours…

Download Your Money Spot Blueprint - Patti Keating

Look for Part 2 of Find Your Money Spot next week.

Believing in YOU!