Connect With The Clients Who Need You - Patti Keating

Give your audience exactly what they are looking for. This is what makes you stand out in their mind.
Yesterday you created your platform for your message. Yahoo!!!
You created your stand and got super clear on the ideal clients you will work with as you grow your wildly successful business!
Today, you are creating your message to reach the perfect people for your programs and products.


Today you’re going to Create Your Message by connecting deeply with your ideal clients. You can’t be found without a message that connects!

  1. Why of all the businesses you could be in, did you choose this one?
    People want to buy from you when they feel a connection. Dig into the reason you want to help them. The most powerful messages are real, and create an emotional response. So why did you choose this business? Write a sentence or two about you WHY.
  1. What is the problem as they see it and the belief they hold?
    Think about your ideal client. What is the immediate problem they would like to solve? It’s the thing that is on their mind when they wake up at night. They would be relieved to have this solved.

True transformation comes from shifting beliefs, not just solving problems. In order to create a deep connection with your audience you must show them a new way of looking at the problem they face.

Closing The Gap Messaging Method

There are 4 pieces to this process.

  1. The Problem As Your Client Sees It.
  2. The Belief They Hold That Keeps Them Stuck.
  3. The Solution To The Problem That You Provide.
  4. The Belief They Need To Adapt In Order To Create Success.


Love Coach:
Problem: I’m all alone and not finding the relationship I want.
Belief / Feeling: I’ll never find love.
Solution: In a committed loving relationship
New Belief / Feeling: I deserve love and it’s easy to find.
Fitness Trainer:
Problem: I’m not losing the weight I want.
Belief / Feeling: It’s hard to lose weight.
Solution: In the best shape of my life.
New Belief / Feeling: I’m super healthy and fitness is easy.
Business Coach:
Problem: I’m not making the money I want.
Belief / Feeling: I don’t know how to make money doing what I love.
Solution: Ideal clients find and hire them.
New Belief / Feeling: I boldly share my message.
Event Host:
Problem: Exhausted at the thought of hosting an event.
Belief / Feeling: Putting on events is hard.
Solution: Events create connection and memories.
New Belief / Feeling: I’m energized by hosting events.
Now it’s your turn. Write our each piece of the process.
What is the problem your client has?
What is the belief / feeling they hold?
What is the solution you provide?
What is the new belief / feeling that will shift their results?

  1. Create your message.
    Using the ‘closing the gap” method as outlined above, take your prospective client on a journey from the problem to the solution.

I help ___________________ (“Who Is Your Work For” Day 1)
________________________ (“New Belief / Feeling”) so that
________________________ (“Solution”) Example:
I help unseen entrepreneurs (Who my work is for)
boldly share their message (New belief) so that

ideal clients can find and hire them. (Solution)

Your Day Two Action Items:

✔️ Write two sentences about why you chose this business.
✔️ Write the problem your client faces and the underlying belief they hold.
✔️ Write the solution you provide. Write the new belief you hold for them.

Create Your Message.

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