2 - Are your Goals Realistic?

Are Your Goals Realistic?

The problem with most goals is that they are set from a perspective of the past and they include our limitations and previous results. Setting goals that are connected with our previous results is BORING and we lose interest because we are not STRETCHING!

The most successful peoples HUGE goals and go after them with a determination to see how far they can reach, rather than worrying about the results. They set the goal and detach from the outcome while taking massive action and enjoying the adventure.

Setting goals is about WHO you will become on the journey.

A couple years ago I set a goal that seemed to me at the time like an impossible stretch. I decided to bring in $100K in 30 days. I joined a mastermind with people who were already doing that much or more.

I was uncomfortable. I was unsure. I felt lost. And I did everything that my coach ask of me, even (and especially) when I thought it was too much, or I want ready.

I didn’t reach my goal that month. But I did bring in $90,000 in 30 days, the most I had ever made.

And something amazing happened. I transformed into a person who has $100K months. I surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs who were at that level. I grew. My confidence soured, and my belief shifted. Surrounding yourself with people who are achieving the goals you influences you. Its partly the references that are created in your mind, seeing people do the “impossible”, its partly the accountability. Committing to a BIG goal as a part of a group increases the likelihood of achievement.

When you temporarily stop believing in yourself you have the groups belief to pull you back in line.
It was a game changer for me.

Because achieving what we want is 80% mindset. We mirror and reflect what we immerse ourselves in. The other 20% is action and structure. Having systems in place to support the process. Join me for this training and we will put your BIG goals in place and design your action plan.