Each day, we have an opportunity to create space for our most cherished desires. Here is my process for reflecting, releasing, and receiving.

1. What would I most like to release from my life that no longer serves me. I look for patterns, beliefs and habits. Either I have outgrown them, become aware of a limitation, or simply choose to make space for something new. It is similar to cleaning my closet. I have become especially picky about what stays. Neutral no longer cuts the mustard! If I don’t love it, it’s out.

2. Once I identify what I will release, I look for it in other areas of my life. Let’s use procrastination as an example. If I have put off creating a program for my business and I am finally ready to let that behavior go, I check out the other areas procrastination may be showing up in my life. Do I see it in housecleaning? My workout? Filing? Where else do I procrastinate? Next, I dig a little deeper. How has this behavior served me? What do I RECEIVE by procrastinating. There has to be a benefit or it would not be a behavior. Perhaps I keep myself small and don’t risk rejection, maybe I keep myself unorganized and protect my fear of success. I don’t get too carried away with this, I just ask the question and see what answer comes up.

3. I ask myself to feel the fear and ALLOW it to dissipate. I give myself permission to let it go. As it goes, I reclaim my energy. I was fueling it, and I am choosing to let it go.

4. I ask myself what new behavior I would like to allow in, to replace the one I am releasing. Maybe it is inspired action, or completion, to replace procrastination.

5. I create a theme from this new chosen behavior. If my entire year embraced this new behavior, what would the theme be?

6. When faced with decisions I ask myself a powerful question, based on my theme. Lets use the inspired action theme for an example (my actual 2009 theme) “What would an inspired woman, who was committed to action, do now?” Whatever comes up is my clue to ACT.

7. Once I have my theme, I create my goals and infuse them with the essence of my theme. As I create my programs I remain mindful of the intention with which I am creating. I begin to look for my theme, or the possibility of it everywhere. Before long the old behavior seems to have simply vanished, and the new one gains strength and momentum daily. Never underestimate the power of small, intentional steps repeated over time.