Sales Conversations To Grow Your Coaching Business - Patti Keating


One of the best ways to find ideal clients and grow your coaching business is to offer complementary Strategy Sessions. A big mistake many coaches make when offering strategy sessions is to think that by coaching the person through a problem it will help them see the value of the coach and decide to hire them. This sets up a false sense of accomplishment, when in fact the person really needed to work with a coach in order to successfully make the changes they want to make.

So, how do you conduct a Strategy Session in a way that gives tons of value and has the person make a decision to work with you? Here are the steps I teach my clients to use to improve their results and fill their coaching business.

1. Ask a powerful question that describes the future your prospect wants. Powerful questions are open ended. The most effective question begins with the word “what.” i.e. “What is the most important thing for you to accomplish in your business in the next 90 days?”

2. Listen to the answer. Jot down the outcome the person wants.
3. What it would mean to them to have what they want?

4. What is holding them back from getting what they want?

5. What is the cost is of not having what they want in their life? i.e. relationships, health, happiness, well being.

6. What would it be like for them to easily attain what they want?

7. Explain what you do and coach them about how they can get from where they are to where they want to be. This is where you use your expertise.

8. Give them the next step is for them in order to get the results they want. Listen to their response. i.e. “Here is what I see as your next step, you need a marketing strategy and a action plan to fill your business.”

9. If they agree, share the program or service that will help them get the results they want. If they disagree return coach them on the objection they have. Many times people simply need to explore the objection and talk it through in order to make a decision.

If they say yes, schedule their first appointment, create their client profile and ask for their payment.

10. If they say no, leave them with a valuable conversation and wish them well.

Remember your job is to help them make a decision about whether they are ready to move forward or not. Stay in the process of helping them decide

Ask 6 ideal prospects to come to your complementary session for each new client you would like to bring in. One in three will say yes. Schedule two calls for every new client you would like to bring in. One in two will say yes. We are assuming a 33% conversion rate on complementary calls and a 50% conversion rate on sales calls. Track your numbers and adjust accordingly.

Practice, practice, practice! Keep scheduling calls and you will get better and your practice will fill up!