1. Your Marketing Message Is Also Your Mission.

People buy on emotion, not facts. Identify the deeper why beneath your services and rally to create that in the world. In order to understand your why look first to your core values and life purpose. Create your own personal mission statement, outlining exactly what you stand for in the world. Keep the focus personal for now. Once you understand your deeper "why" look at it through the lens of business. You will see how your personal mission is reflected in  your business mission. Once you have the mission statement craft your marketing message. Make it tangible. What keeps your clients up at night? What is their pain? What do they long for? Use the pain they seek to relieve or the pleasure they are looking for to create your marketing message. Remember to keep it under the umbrella of your mission statement. This makes you very attractive to them.

2.Your Money Will Increase When Your Packages and Programs Are Clear and Strategic. 

Create a system with your offerings. Choose offers that reach people at different price points. Meet your clients where they are and then bring them through your funnel. Identify 3 levels and outline your offerings at each level. Be sure you have a free offer as well to give people a taste of your value.

3. Make Sure Your Mindset Is In Alignment With The Vision You Have For Your Business.

Once your message is clear and your services are identified, its time to get out in a big way and make offers. Bring people to your freebie, offer them your services and close the sale. Yikes! This is where your mindset is put to the test. Do you know that you become most like the 5 people spend the most time with? Who are you becoming? Get around people who are successful, in person, virtually and through reading and listening to audios. See yourself reaching the level of success you desire Feel the joy of helping people. It requires you to close sales. If fear or anxiety comes up when you think of closing the sales, It is a sign that you need to uplevel your mindset.

Growing a business is a journey, not a destination. Decide to become wildly successful because of the person you will have to become, not the green slips of paper.

Enjoy the ride!