Shift Those Funky Money Beliefs - Patti KeatingI’m thrilled to share this training with you because limiting beliefs can hold us hostage if we don’t clean them up! I know firsthand the chaos that can be created if we don’t get our thoughts in alignment with our desires.   


I know, it sounds simplistic. But clarity is the key to creating and sustaining results. Often we jump around saying we want this, then something else, and we simply don’t give ourselves enough time to get what we want.

  1. Write it down. What do you want today, in 3 months, 12 months, 3 years? Write down what you want Be clear.
  2. Know your why. Why do you want it? Get into the emotion of what you desire. Write it down.


Are you feeling excited, positive, maybe a bit nervous, but in a good way? These are supporting thoughts so engage with them. Get fired up! These are the feelings that will help you get what you want!

  1. Start with the feeling. Underneath the feeling there is a thought. Identify what it is. Close your eyes and explore what you are thinking.
  2. Name it. Give your thought a name. 

Once you have identified and named your thought, you can choose to think it on demand. The mind needs a bit of guidance and this is a great way to cut out any negative thoughts and instruct your mind to look for what you want.  


Any negativity will work against you and keep you from what you want. Notice if you feel resistance, doubt, limitations, or fear.

  1. Is this thought helping me or holding me back? Identify the thoughts that are not in alignment with what you want and write them down.
  2. Is this thought true? No! You get to choose your thoughts. It’s only true if you allow it to be..


Flip that thought! For instance I had a belief that making money is hard. It was formed in my childhood. I felt resistance when making offers, I would think, “No one will signup for this, it’s too easy.”  So I flipped it! The new belief is “Money Flows To Me Daily With Ease.” Now if I feel resistance I reframe it to the new belief.

  1. Give your limiting thought a new job. The job of limitations is to point identify what is stopping you and point you toward a positive thought.
  1. What is the opposite of the limiting thought? “It’s not safe to be seen”, becomes ‘The world loves to hear what I say”. “Stay hidden” becomes “Full self expression”. These are examples of a couple of the thoughts that I have flipped as I did this important work.
  1. Post your new thoughts where you will see them. Writing these new thoughts down and posting them where you will see them helps to integrate them into your subconscious mind and turn them into beliefs!


Fuel yourself with passion and joy. Keep yourself in the highest vibration possible so that you can create what you want.

1. Sing, dance, get excited about the future. Your vibe attracts your results so call in your intentions in with high vibe emotions. 

Once you are unstuck (or what I call unleashed) focus and commit to this work and to the results you want and you will get there.

Much Success!