You are meant to Stand Out - Patti Keating

You Are Meant To Stand Out!

Being real in front of the world is SCARY!

If your message triggers someone you can feel the wrath of their pain.

When people don’t like what you say you can take it PERSONALLY and question your own value.
When your family asks you WHAT THE HECK you are doing with this online business of yours, you can feel like maybe you really are crazy and should just GET A JOB.


You are meant to STAND OUT!

When you rise up and SHARE YOUR TRUTH you sometimes remind others that they are not living in alignment.


So how do you handle the backlash that sometimes happens when people are triggered by your greatness?

1. Remember that you have chosen a life of alignment and authenticity and by LIVING in alignment you can reach the IDEAL people who are seeking an answer to their struggle.

2. Focus on the TRUTH.

3. Commit to being a MESSENGER for those who want to work with you and RELEASE the need to please everyone.

You are meant to lead and with leadership comes resistance. It’s a sign that you are CHANGING LIVES. So stay true to yourself. Surround yourself with other leaders who are being REAL, and keep right on going.
In this weeks Accelerate Your Success training I will cover 5 tools to help you SHINE BRIGHTLY and move through the noise that comes with leading a movement.

Don’t deny yourself being the leader you know you were BORN TO BE.

Step into your POWER and be the voice for so many others who are still afraid to take action and step into their authentic selves.