Do you ever have those days in business where you just feel off and unsure about what to say, who to talk to, and where to start?

Then there are days when you are on. Everything is easy, people say yes, you feel powerful and business is booming.

What is the difference between these two experiences? Some people call it a funk when things seem hard, and being in the flow when things seem easy.

The difference lies between your ears. What are you thinking about when you think of getting clients? Are you thrilled to help your prospect? Or, are you concerned about the bills? Are you dedicated to changing someone’s life? Or, are you worried about your own situation?

When you make sales you are actually serving people. The more your serve, the more money you make, plain and simple. When you stop making sales you have slipped into your ego, and are making the sales process all about you. And, I will go so far as to say, at that point, you are being totally self absorbed. Don’t get me wrong, taking care of yourself and making sure your needs are met, is paramount in business success. It’s when you stop doing the work you are here to do and start fretting, that signals your ego has kicked it.

When you reframe what you are doing you can quickly get back in the flow and confidently close sales, so you are busy serving the people who need your talents.