Finding clients can feel like a full time job! Running all over town from networking meetings to coffee appointments trying to shake out a few solid leads is frustrating and a BIG waste of time. If this is your case you may want to consider focusing in on 10-20 ideal people follow these steps to ramp up your results.

1. Schedule specific time to see clients, and then focus on filling those time slots. The more structure you have with your schedule and service offers, the more confidence you will project to your potential clients. Having slots scheduled gives you a target to shoot for. How will you know you have filed your business unless you decide how many people you will accept into your schedule? If you work with 10 clients each week you must know exactly the days and times that you have available.

2. Now that your time slots are scheduled, it’s time to fill them with clients! Get crystal clear about whom your IDEAL client is. If you need assistance with this exercise you download my free How TO Attract IDEAL Clients CD and Workbook at Knowing exactly WHO you want in your business is equally as important as understanding WHEN you will be providing your services. Get  clear and then get into action.

3. Make a list of everyone you already know who could get incredible value from your services. As you jot down the name of your potential clients make a note of the benefits they would receive by choosing to work with you. Make sure you list benefits and not features. Benefits are tangible results such as make $10k a month, improving your health or getting your kids to use their manners. Features are the tools you use to accomplish the results. Make your list as long as possible, when you think you are done, just ask yourself for one more name, most often with a pause, you will come up with another 5 or 6 people.

4. Get on the phone and offer your services. Invite them to experience your work in a complementary session designed to help the two of you determine if your services would be a great fit for them in reaching the results they desire. This is not about you giving away free services! This is a complementary session to see if you can help them! Book them all back to back in the schedule you outlined in step 1.

5. At the beginning of your session let your prospect know that at the end of our time together if you both feel that you are a good fit to work together you will invite them to be your client. Ask them if this is okay. You want their permission to be invited to purchase your services.  Once your session is complete if you indeed do feel they are a good fit ask them if they are ready to be your client. When they say “yes” schedule them right away. Give them 2 time options, and tell them what they can expect. Immediately send them a confirmation at minimum, a packet of info is better.

Whenever you want a boost in your one-on-one client sessions use this system to give your business a boost. Remember this is about you providing great services to people who need them. Keep your ego and personality in check. This is not about you making money (although you will!) It is about you helping your ideal clients get what they want.

If you want to get crystal clear about your ideal clients, join us to create a plan of action, based on your foundation at the Business Breakthrough 2011!