Have you noticed that people who get into money making action, get results? I see so many talented entrepreneurs who invest their time rethinking their brand, reworking their logo, fine tuning their message and then throwing it all out and starting over. Its like Groundhog Day! I have a tip, if this sounds like you. You really are not in business unless you are selling something! Stop preparing for business and start doing business. I spoke about this last week in my post Are You Hiding From your Greatness?

How? I love the CEO method. Connect with people. Engage in communication and then… here it comes. MAKE AN OFFER! Yup, you have to step up to the plate and swing the bat. You might strike out, you might hit a grounder or you could nail a home run. We will never know until you take a swing. And guess what! Your swing will give you lots of feedback so you can refine your offer and then swing again. Once you start working with clients, all the blogging, branding, and marketing message confusion will ease up because you will have factual data about your market. Live results and feedback.

So, stop preparing and grab a bat. Your up!