How to Create Your 6 Figure Coaching Biz - Patti Keating

Growing a 6-figure Coaching Biz can seem complicated and confusing. There are so many decisions to make, what is my niche, who is my avatar, what is my message?  And maybe you’ve started to feel frustrated by the staggering number of decisions to make. 

I get it, that feeling of uncertainty every time you make one choice it see,s as if effects everything. It can be daunting to try to get it all done and actually make money. But growing a 6 figure coaching biz is a powerful way to help people, do the work you love and design a lifestyle business that gives you true freedom. That’s why my mission for you in this post is to help you understand what you can do right now to make money and what you can put on the back burner.

First, I want to tell you about the free download I have for you. I’ve drawn you a map with a checklist to get you focused on what must be done so you can get to 6-figures.

On this free cheat sheet, I explain in a few words what must be done each step of the way. Download this cheat sheet for free and check off the steps as you go.

To start, lets talk about why each these steps matter…


Your unique value system is the key to designing a business and a life you love.  When business is based on your greatest and most natural strengths… your business stands out. Understanding your strengths can be a little tricky. I use a process called your Money Spot. It involves identifying problem you solve in the market based on your core values.  Your core values are responsible for your greatest joy and your deepest pain. When you design your business in alignment with your core values, you are on the top of your game. You feel “on-purpose” and everything simplifies. You also resonate with those people who most need your services.


Habits become patterns and patterns create results. We all have core patterns in place that run on auto pilot. These patterns have served you throughout your life. Once you become entrepreneurs its time to design new patterns that create and sustain the business you want. Many children learn to be quiet, do what your’e told, don’t make a fuss. Those instructions from a loved one help you stay safe as kids. But once you launch a business… a whole new set of beliefs is required. Get out and be seen, speak up, think differently, become the new rules of success. So how do you create new patterns for your business? By designing them!

First give the pattern you are operating in a name. For instance, if you are at 5 figures and not getting traction toward making 6 figures you might name your existing pattern “The 5 figure trap.” Next take out a sheet of paper and draw a large circle, then write down all the beliefs and references you can think of that support this pattern in the circle. What are the characteristics you embrace? Perhaps holding back, staying home, distracting yourself, procrastinating. Get it all down on paper. Now you can see the beliefs you hold when you are operating in this pattern. 

Now, let’s create a new pattern. What will you name it? Maybe, “6 Figure Biz” Get a new sheet of paper and draw a circle, this time fill it with all the beliefs you will hold in this patter. (i.e. 10 clients a mont, a hot online coaching program, speaking opportunities) whatever that business looks like to you, also include words or symbols of what your life is like when you choose this pattern. 

Post both patterns where you can see them. As you go about your day ask yourself which pattern you are operating in when you make decisions about what you will do and who you will be. Neither pattern is right or wrong, sometimes it is good to hold back and wait, other times its best to be bold and take action. The goal is to realize YOU are at choice as to which pattern you are allowing to guide your decisions. And awareness is power.

Creating your dream business requires a new level of awareness which will expedite your success.    


Most coaches think of their programs as a way to “help their clients get what you want.” It’s important to speak to your prospective clients about the specific problem they face. The reason they are hiring you is to solve that problem. A highly effective message involves identifying the specific problem that your client faces and designing a powerful program to deliver real results to them. You see your transformation is so much more than helping your clients get what you want, it is a system. Your signature system.

Many times it does not seem as if you have a signature system, but I believe you do. When you  break down the process you take people through  step by step you will recognize the steps you take with them.   Creating options based on how your client wants to work with you gives you the opportunity to have multiple offers without creating new content.  Without a clear easy to communicate system your prospects will not see the value of your offer. You must have a specific program with an outcome and a process that you take people through. Once you have your signature system and your program you can choose how it will be delivered. It can be a 6 month program, a VIP Day a workshop a 3-day event or a mastermind group for example.  And once your system, program and offer are in place its time to identify your target market and find the people who will say yes to your services. 

How do you pull people to you, so you don’t have to chase them? By understanding your core value marketing. No one want to chase clients and feel pushy. Yet, learning how to “close sales” is one of the biggest fears entrepreneurs have. And it is a necessary tool if you want to help people and grow your business.  So what is core value marketing? We all have core values. When you tap in to your #1 core value and design your business message you will easily fill your practice and programs with IDEAL clients, people who believe what you believe, trust what you say and not only have a deep desire to work with you but you enjoy having them as clients.
Core value marketing has your audience self select and filters out the people you don’t want, leaving you with the people who are perfect for your programs. Once your message is complete it’s time to craft your Presentation That Sells and present to your audience with confidence and authority while making an offer for your product or service that is irresistible. Invest time to design the components of a  presentation that sells and use it for all your talks, from a 10 minute laser talk to a 1 hour, 3 hour or multiple day event. Invite people to a Strategy Sessions and you will find that your core value message and presentation have done all the heavy listing and your  strategy session will be filled with qualified leads that quickly say yes to your offer. Now that you know the 4 Steps, I have created a free CHECKLIST to help you get your business systems in place….
I have been coaching for 12 years now and I have made plenty of mistakes along the way. And I have had a ton of success once I identified the true value I have and put the systems in place to grow my business.
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