The CEO Method of Enrollment - Patti Keating

When it’s time to fill a workshop, promote an event, or simply bring more clients into your practice; no matter what your goal, the CEO Method will help you accomplish it.

1. Connect. The first step to fulfilling any goal is to connect with the resources, people and steps that will get you on the path to success! The same is true when you are enrolling clients for your services. The first step in enrollment is connection. Create space that will help you connect. Take on the attribute of “spaciousness.” People love to talk about themselves. It is especially fulfilling when the other person is really open to listening. Give people plenty of open space to express themselves and the feeling of connection will quickly occur. While providing a spacious environment, be completely curious about the other persons experiences, opinions and views. This is no place for judgment or self serving comments. Simply be curious. As you listen and really tune in to the other persons views you will begin to understand their problems and obstacles.

2. Engage. Once you are connected it is time to engage in a conversation about your prospects needs. Have a friendly conversation. Share your experiences, let them know you understand their problems. Don’t be shy about sharing your wisdom and experience. Once you are connected and engaged in conversation, it is time to move to step three.

3. Offer – Always have something to invite people to attend. If you are filling your individual sessions, invite them to a complementary session, provide a free teleseminar or an introductory event so your prospects can experience the value you provide first hand. At your intro events use the CEO Method again, connect, engage and make an offer, this time for a fee. Show people what you do before you offer it, then give them the opportunity to experience it.

Start today. Invest some time to develop your CEO strategy. Then get out in your community whether is is virtual or local, and connect, engage and offer!