That Thing That you Really Want - Patti Keating

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For 20 years I was in amazing shape. Running, weight training, kick boxing, and feeling strong and powerful.

Then I let it slip, a little here and then more there.

Until I was 30 pounds overweight, sluggish and wondering what happened. I really wanted to get back into shape. Every day. I wanted it. But it was confusing to me. How do you get into shape when you are my age? What should I do so I don’t injure myself? I felt uncertain. And that made it easy to postpone. I had plenty of work to do anyway. And so I stayed in a place that was not who I really am. And wished I would change.

Then in one moment I had a thought. What if I already AM fit and healthy. What would I do right now? The answer arrived instantly, as divine answers do. And for the first time in my life I started a 3 day cleanse, followed by a 30 day super clean eating routine. I bought a juicer and a Bullet and stocked my fridge with fresh local organic produce.

12 pounds melted away.

And I felt better than I had in forever! I swear to you that I could feel my cells vibrating, my energy was so pure. Now that my body was clean, it was time to reengage my beloved exercise routine. A 4-day weight training split and 6 days of running. I started and completed that first week!

Then I took a scheduled day off, which turned into two, then into I don’t remember how many. And I found myself back in wanting. “I run a business so its hard to carve out time to workout. I better write some content or send an email”

That is the trap of sabotage. Disguised as wanting.

But here’s the deal. I know the truth. So its hard for me to hide from myself. Dammit.

So a few days ago I let go of wanting and I chose to be a healthy fit 50 something woman. And I acted as if my day was being run by her. I popped out of bed and headed to a Pilates class. I was there early, ready… and no one showed up.

As the class in the studio next door let out and the next class filed in I did the thing a fit woman would do. I joined the class of course, without concern for what it was (okay I was concerned. A little scared actually) But I took the action of being a fit kick ass, I can do anything gal and jumped in!

Turns out it was Barre class. They focus on core work. My weakest part. In addition to kicking my ass, it rocked.

So I went back the next day. Barre class is my new beloved workout! whoop whoop! But this time the studio was hot. And there were yoga mats and no one seemed to care that there were bars.

I quickly learned that this was Hot Yoga class. Now I’ve taken yoga before, but I was not ready to do it again. I mean really? I’m out of shape. Yoga comes later after the other stuff. Right?

Apparently not. Hot yoga was now.

It kicked my ass. And I loved it.

So today much to my surprise I showed up for Pilates class at the same time as the one that tricked me into doing Barre class and there was the instructor. THE ACTUAL PILATES CLASS HAPPENED! And it was awesome.

I was pretty sore. In a good way. Because that’s how you feel when you are healthy and fit.

Another want dissolved and replaced with BEING who I really am.

We all have those things.

You know the thing. It eludes you. But damn do you want it. And you have wanted it for a looooong time. You’ve even seen other people get it right in front of you. Lucky bitches.

And you have done the work. Clearing energy. Shifting mindset. Studying strategies. Applying formulas. It has to be just around the corner, with everything you have done.

Except that it isn’t, because underneath it all… you have become addicted to wanting. You’ve become a master at manifesting the wanting. Instead of the thing.

So now what? How do you ACTUALLY get what you want.

Without wanting…

You stop wanting, and start making decisions from the other side of the thing you want. You look at the world AS IF you already have it and you go about your day making decisions from that place.

That’s it.

End of story.

I’m going to sleep. I have a 5:30am run scheduled in the morning and my body is sore. It feels so good to be fit and healthy again. I can’t wait for my body to experience what I have manifested for it.

This works with business by the way. My Unleash Your Revenue Intensive starts next week. If you have been “wanting” to grow your business. It might be time to stop wanting and unleash.

Watch this video to learn more.