All Business Exists Because It Provides A Solution To A Problem.
People buy solutions. Every product or service offered is the answer to someone’s problem. Restaurants exist because we have to eat. Cell phone to solve our communication needs, even the toys we buy solve our need for pleasure. Whatever you sell, it is a solution for someones problem.

Shift Your Perspective

What do you think of when I mention the great depression? Hunger? Poverty? Illness? During the great depression more millionaires were created than any other time in history. Why? Because they looked at the problems and created solutions, valuable solutions. The more value you provide in the world, the more money you will make.

What Challenges You?
Write down your challenge. Then list 10 opportunities you have because of the problem. Don’t let your own limitations stop you. Be creative and make your list. Perhaps you want to make more money. The opportunity might be to get out and connect with more people, or pick up the phone and offer help to your prospects.

Take Immediate Action
Once you have identified your opportunities take action on one step to move in the direction of success. You must let go of your attachment to the problem and move into celebrating the solution. Ask yourself what steps are required to create the outcome you want and complete one small step at minimum, immediately.

Get Your Head Into The Future
See the outcome you want and then commit to it. Make a plan for your success and follow it. Release any other outcome. Do nor distract yourself with possible failure. Commit and move forward.

Expand Your Networks

Surround yourself with people who value success more than failure. Solution focused people, create success. Choose to be solution focused and find a network of people who are successful. You become most like the 5 people you invest your time with. Who  you becoming?

Celebrate Your Victories
Plan your celebration before your goal is achieved. Take time to celebrate. Where your place your attention becomes your intention. Intend celebrations and you simultaneously intend success.

Share Your Accomplishments

Give back to others and teach them these simple tools. The more we collaborate, the easier success becomes. Be a go giver rather than a go getter!