1. Know your Intentions

Rather than setting Goals, I like to think of the things I am working towards as my intentions. The things that I intend to have in my life. When I first set out to grow my business, I wrote down exactly what I wanted and why I wanted it. 

It is so important in building your business, that you make decisions based on where you want to be, rather than where you actually are in the present moment. If you keep making decisions based on where you are, you will continue to create more of what you already have.

Write down your top 5 Intentions for the next 12 months.

2. Define Your Ideal Customers and Clients

So many times I find people chasing clients, and trying to serve everyone. You have to stop thinking you can be everything to everyone. Instead, focus on who you really want to serve in your business. This will help you bring in those ideal clients, the ones who rave about you and send referrals. In order to do this you have to know what ideal is. Who do YOU want to work with? When your business is completely full of all the ideal clients, the ones you most wanted to work with, who will they be?

You get to hand pick them. Let’s get started.

What type of people do you want to be around? What type of qualities do they possess?

What do they do for a living and for fun?

What is it that you really like about them?

Look back at your favorite clients. What did you love about them?

When I did this exercise for my business, I determined that I wanted to work with service professionals who are solution focused, action oriented and committed to growing personally as their business expands. They want to live joyful fulfilling lives and contribute to the world. That is my ideal client. What is interesting in this process is that my ideal client happens to be a whole lot like me! 

What do you notice about your ideal clients?

Think about your business and consider what it would be like if you were surrounded only by ideal clients. These are people you enjoy being with and who have similar goals and aspirations to yours.  It is very important that you get clear about who you want to work with in your business.

With a clear message, people know right away if you are someone they would work with. In addition if you are not for them but you have been very specific in your message, they will think of friends and peers who are looking for your services

3. Create Your Unique Marketing Message

Once you know who you are talking to, you can speak with clarity about your products and services. There is a skill to crafting your unique marketing message and you need to practice and fine tune until you get the “WOW” response that makes it effective. Do not skip this step; it is foundational to your marketing.

You must state who you are and what you do, in terms of benefits for your customer.

What do they get from working with you?

How are you unique?

What problem do you solve

When I got clear about my business I knew that my intention is to help self-employed professionals create thriving businesses AND fulfilling joyful lives. I am passionate about helping people recognize the natural talents and abilities they have right now and turn those abilities into a business that works for them, whatever their present situation is. That is my reason for being in business.

What is yours?

It’s important for you to know why you are in business and what success means to you. From there you can create your unique marketing message. Create yours. Try it out. Test it on your kids, your spouse and your friends. See how it feels to you! Refine it and notice the response you get. Once you have your unique marketing message and you know who your ideal client is, use it to grow your business, right now.

Here is an example that I used in my direct sales business when I was recruiting:

I am looking for five solution focused, action oriented women who want to stay home with their kids, are willing to do what it takes to run a business and would like to earn $3000 a month or more while being supported by a team who is committed to success. If this is you or someone you know, I’m buying the coffee.

People knew right away whether they were a good fit for my team. If they were, they lined up to talk to me and if not, they thought of me when their girlfriend told them she would like to start her own business. Be bold and authentic here and you will get results. When I used this in my direct sales business I was a top recruiter within my first year. AND I attracted people who were like me. It was a blast!

4. Invest in Yourself

What is the greatest asset in your business? Is it your inventory or equipment? Is it your car? Maybe it’s your computer? Those are all definitely important assets but they are not your greatest asset.

When you are a business owner your greatest asset is you.

Did you invest in your business when you started? Do you continue to invest as it grows? Do you invest in your car? Keeping it maintained and filled with fuel? Of course you do! So if you are your GREATEST asset, you must invest in yourself too.

To determine where to invest ask yourself these questions. What will support you in growing your ideal business? What is working well? What could work better? Invest in the areas where you will receive a return on that investment. Possibly your mindset, your strategies, your network. These areas will give you a high return.

This step is challenging for some people. They are willing to invest in everything but themselves. When you invest in yourself, your value increases. When you honor yourself as a valuable expert contributing to the lives of others, others value you in return. Think of one way you can invest in yourself in the next week. Whether it is reading a book, signing up for a course, or hiring a coach or mentor. I encourage you to start investing in YOU immediately!

5. Create your Intentional Marketing Wheel

Once you know your intentions, you have defined your ideal client, created YOUR unique marketing message and invested in yourself, the next step is to create your intentional marketing wheel.

This is a step-by-step process to designed to help you create your business marketing plan. Your Intentional Marketing plan includes:

  1. Networking. Your plan should include: How to network, where to go, what to say and how to invite people to learn more about your business. Identify two groups you would LOVE to get involved with. Take action and get involved.

  2. Referrals. Find other business owners with the same target market and collaborate with them. We call these people boosters. They are going to refer customers and clients to you and you will refer to them. A great example of this is my Internet Marketing VA. I refer my clients to her when they are ready to do some Internet marketing and she refers her clients to me when they want to rapidly grow their business. It is a win for everyone, my clients are happy because they have a trustworthy person to work with on their website, my VA is happy because I just sent her a referral and I’m happy because I provided extra value to my clients.
  3. TeleSeminars and Workshops – Educational TeleSeminars and workshops provide value to your customers and clients. There are 5 steps to creating a successful TeleSeminar or Workshop. The key is to get out there and share your message in a way that adds value to your market. It establishes you as an expert and lets people get to know more about you.

  4. eZine or Newsletter – eZines and Newsletters also establishe you as an expert in your industry. This is also a great list building tool. You are always in front of people who are interested in your business and what you are doing. This is very easy to do and readers love to get your regular tips.

  5. Speaking – Speak locally at Chamber events, lunch and learns, libraries, or put together your own workshop showcasing your business and talents. Choose topics that solve problems for your target market.

  6. Writing – Articles and quick tips are a great way to get yourself out there and you can post your newsletter articles in article banks on the internet with links back to your website to generate more traffic and increase your visibility. This also helps to establish your expertise.

What is your philosophy about success?

My philosophy is that success is be both fun and profitable. It comes most naturally when we are in alignment with who we are, provide tons of value to our clients, work to make a difference in the world and our own lives, and collaborate with others.

Many people don’t have this relationship with success. They chase after it by someone else’s definition. The greatest success comes from you being you.

Why do some people make it look easy and some people seem to struggle no matter what?

Have you ever tried to force something to happen? Maybe you were attached to a certain outcome and continued to work hard to get results.

When you set your intentions and then allow things to unfold, results happen much more quickly and with less effort than when you use force. This does not mean you set an intention and then sit back and wait! You must take action, however do not become attached to the outcome of the action.

What if you want to create a thriving business right now? What is my quickest route to success?

Get very clear about what you want and who you serve. Craft your language to draw those people to you. Be crystal clear and set your,intentions, then take massive action. Be consistent and follow through!


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blog  Success Requires Leaps