When you lock onto your purpose and create your life and business from your heart and soul, things begin to flow. Your purpose, values and personality style create the foundation of your life and your business. When things are difficult it is a symptom of dishonored values.

How do you get in touch with that purposeful part of yourself and build your life and business on your unique foundation?

1. Understand your value system and use it as a decision making filter. Invest some time in remembering a time in your life when everything was going really well. You were happy and joyful. Make a list of all the values that were being honored during that time. Next, think of a time when things were not going so well. You felt trapped or frustrated. Make a list of all the values that were being dishonored at that time. Work with your two list to create your “Core 5”. Make your decisions by first checking in with those values.

2. Know your personality style. Your personality is the way you express your values, knowing what form of self expression empowers and strengths you does wonders for business building decisions. Check out The Enneagram Institute for a free assessment.

3. Align with your life purpose. Understanding your purpose will open your eyes to many of the unconscious decisions you have made throughout your life. Listen deeply to hear what you feel inspired to create.

4. Commit to living with intention, based on your foundation. Say “yes” to the things that fuel you and say “no” to the things that drain you.

5. Become “the observer.” Watch yourself and learn to respond, rather than react. Step back for a moment and really observe who you are being in the moment. This exercise helps you see unconscious patterns that are running the show and make new more empowering decisions.

You are meant to have a joyful, fun fulfilling and prosperous life!