Have you noticed repeating patterns in your business?

A certain level of success that you attempt, but haven’t reached?

Maybe a problem that happens over and over?

One way to get to the core of a repeating pattern is to notice how you feel about the pattern, emotionally. Do you have guilt or shame about it?

Do you worry?

Are you judging yourself?

When you learn to see your results as just that, "results" and detach from the stories you have about them, you free yourself to create a clean, more satisfying outcome. Think of your results as feedback. Without judgment. "Oh look! When I mix red and green, I get blue. Interesting" Notice, I’m not saying. "Oh, I LOVE blue, or Oh, I hate blue!" Just "interesting" Now, you can use blue when you want to experience blue.

The same is true in your business. "Oh, look when I ask this person to buy my package they said no, interesting. Maybe I will change my question." Business is a constant process of learning what works and what doesn’t. The quickest path to finding what works is the one without judgment and drama.

If you are having drama in your businesses it is unresolved emotional issues about you. Let go and be objective. Adjust your plan and move forward.

Keep your focus on what you DO want and pursue it with determination and commitment.
Remember, your results are simply feedback. Use them as a tool to move forward. This type of approach has tenacity and will get you what you want.

Growing your business is a personal growth journey. Embrace the ride and enjoy all of your results.