You Are Your Source - Patti Keating

I have a question for you. It is one that deserves a bit of contemplation. So kick back, relax and let yourself consider it. Here it is…

Are you ready to receive everything you want?

What comes up for you when you consider that question?

When you remove your limitations and begin believing in your innate ability to create, magic happens. You will create anything that you can picture receiving. Simultaneously you will not have what you do not believe is possible. Here are 5 steps to get you started.

1. See yourself living in your dreams.
Visualize having what it is you desire. Let it run through your mind like a movie. In living color. With plenty of special effects! What are you saying? How do you feel? What do people say to you? Involve all your physical senses. What do you smell, hear, see, feel, taste and speak? Make is so real that you already feel it happening. Go ahead and visualize, day dream and fantasize about your dreams.

2. Get into action… INSPIRED action.
List out all the step that need to be taken in order to get to your desired destination. Put each one on a post it note and place them all on a big easel paper. Now… act on the most juicy ones. What really calls you? Cleaning up and preparing space? Great go for it! Move your action items around to fit your mood. Always take action from inspiration.

3. See yourself having everything you want.
You can have health, vitality, a fat bank account, deep meaningful and loving relationships, an incredible business that you love and a connection to source that brings tears to your eyes and warms your heart! While you are seeing these incredible gifts for yourself go ahead and see the effects of your prosperity on those around you. How are the lives of your family and friends different because you allowed yourself to prosper? How do they influence the world around them as a result of the experiences you helped carve. Picture this beautiful state of well being for everyone. Because it is possible, in fact it is our natural state. Be bold and claim it.

4. Be open to, and embrace surprises!
Trust that you will receive the perfect results with impeccable timing. You may receive more than you expected. When you align with your higher source your magnetism is larger than you may have previously experienced. So be open and receive the gifts in whatever form they show up.

5. Intend it!
Make up your mind that this WILL happen and get emotionally involved in a positive way! Your emotions are your speedometer. The more fuel you provide by being emotionally involved the faster it will appear. You create with focus and intention, keep your goal with you even when you are otherwise occupied, like great vacation booked and waiting for you to arrive. This allows you to take action when opportunities come to you! It also fuels you to move over, through, around or under any obstacles that you come across. With crystal clear intention you WILL get whatever you want.

Aren’t you just the most powerful thing ever?

YES! Say yes to your dreams!

Happy Creating!

© Patricia Keating LLC”