Episode 50: Entrepreneurs Who Grew 6+ Figure Businesses With Tommi Wolfe

Tommi Wolfe, CEO of Top 6 Business Coach, runs an international network of passionate, talented entrepreneurial Top 6 Coaches. She and her coaches are on a mission to make the lives of one-man businesses more abundant, fulfilling and impactful. Clients hire Top 6 Business Coaches for their no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-really-is systematic approach to helping clients create sustainable, lucrative businesses.

The company is best known for its robust, year-long Top 6 mastermind program, which is a business accelerator for one-man businesses. It guides newer entrepreneurs though all the fundamental steps required to build a strong, self-sustaining and profitable business.

Tommi was pushed and inspired to get into business and become an entrepreneur. Beginning with the sudden death of her husband shortly after her daughter was born, Tommi felt that she needed a plan or something to do to support her family.

One of the first challenges she had was finding clients for her businesses.  It took her building networks and relationships to build her business.

Tommi learned many lessons over time. Oner of them is fear and doubt. Luckily these hard lessons will lead to a business-meltdown but ultimately leads to a breakthrough for growth. You need to go through these meltdown-breakthrough phases in order to grow.

Tommi is so excited to be currently expanding her company by training new business coaches with “live and local” resources in  local areas and having them in their own community.

Tommi would love to see entrepreneurship and small business training early in life with our younger members of society, in college and universities, so they have the knowledge to be able to grow a business the right way. It’s her vision to get this plan out to the masses all over.

Whenever you are going to create another breakthrough for your business, first, you need to let go of something and then sharpen your focus on something else.

Personal Growth:
All her personal lessons have come through her business, but she believes the biggest lesson she has learned from her business personally was humility. Additionally, she learned that you need patience to build the engine correctly, since it takes time. Also you need to optimize (and correct) your product to refine it to something great. Lastly, you need to preserve and keep on pushing through to get to your goal.

Tools, Podcasts & Books:

Podcasts and Audible are her favorite ways to learn.

You can check out Tommi’s recommended books and resources on her Pinterest Page

Looking Back:
She would tell her younger self to stop playing so safe and take more risks. At the end of your life, there should be no taste of regret.  The taste of regret is far more bitter than the taste of courage. 

Interview Links:
Find out more about Tommi Wolfe at http://top6businesscoach.com/



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